Kids Singing Lessons in Dublin

Think your little one might have a big talent? Maybe they might like to build a little confidence? Perhaps they just want to explore their own voice a little further, build their confidence or could it be that they just love a good tune?

The Sing Factory Way

Here's a quick guide to what makes our singing lessons so enjoyable..

Our Studio Location

Because we’re a real recording studio, Sing Factory is a great environment to practise your singing and vocal techniques. You’ll be learning in a voice booth that was tailor made for vocals so you’ll hear your voice the way it should be heard – without distraction or interference.


Singing Minus The Stress

Sing Factory singing lessons are one-to-one and as individual as the singer, based on the wants and needs of each student. Your kids will learn and improve in a chilled out, informal environment. Using songs as a basis, they will work through different aspects of their vocal performance in a completely non-stressful environment, with no pressure whatsoever and lots and lots of encouragement.

Singing and Recording

Your singing lessons could be a stepping stone to a Sing Factory Superstar recording. Wouldn’t it be great to have a musical memento to keep for years to come. Our engineer can work with you to help make it happen, so you can share your fabulous vocal results with family and friends.

Singing Lesson Benefits

Improve Song Learning

The more you can memorize, the better you can focus on performance.

Improve Breathing Technique

Correct breathing technique gives you a strong base to build from.

Learn through Performing

The more you perform, the more your vocal qualities will improve.

Create an Open Space

As a performer you'll feel free to express yourself and grow in confidence.

Give advice

The road to success starts with sound advice. We're happy to help with advice and encouragement.

Your Singing Instructor

Your Maestro is Rob Kilpatrick – a Grade 7, Classically Trained musician with vast experience – he’s a versatile vocalist, a prolific composer, an accomplished producer and sound engineer so he’s seen and done it all whether you’re a budding songbird or virtuoso vocalist.

He’s also the much-loved life and soul of the Sing Factory birthday parties with tons of experience with kids of all ages – both hyping them up, and chilling them out!

Most importantly, his aim is to help little voices to be their best, and for you and your child to get whatever they want out of their singing lessons at their own ease. With Rob, there’s no pressure, just encouragement, and realisation of individual goals, great or small – and plenty of fun along the way!.

Book Your Lessons

The more lessons you book, the less you pay. Singing lessons are arranged by appointment and we always try to accommodate your availability. We can offer further discounts for group lessons. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


1 x Lesson

€140 €120 (Save 10%)

4 x Lessons

€280 €240 (Save 20%)

8 x Lessons