Adults’ Singing Lessons in Dublin City Centre

Whether you’re crooning Kate Bush into your hairbrush or belting out a bit of Bruce Springsteen at Karaoke, singing feels great, whether you’ve the voice of an angel or you’re a secret soprano that you keep on the downlow. Either way, if you enjoy singing, maybe it's time to do something more about it?

Thinking of Singing Lessons

You've Come To The Right Place

Maybe It’s Time

Maybe improving the skills you have and stretching those chords to the max?

Maybe this is the year you’ll sing a solo Happy Birthday at Grandad’s party – or amaze the other guests at that all-important wedding? Or fulfill a lifelong achievement to finally make the most of that voice you’ve wondered about your whole life long?

It’s Now Or Never

Why not take the plunge and book yourself some professional Singing Lessons?

Learn to make the most of your voice in a chilled out environment in one-to-one sessions with an expert singing teacher in Dublin City Centre and finally achieve that goal that you’ve been thinking about.

Lesson Recording Combo

Why not combine your singing lesson with a Sing Factory Superstar recording. What better motivation than the chance of laying down your own professional vocal. Our engineer will work with you throughout the process, from your first lesson to your final recording, to make sure you’re making the most of your talents.

The Power of Singing Lessons

Improve Song Learning

The more you can memorize, the better you can focus on performance.

Improve Breathing Technique

Correct breathing technique gives you a strong base to build from.

Learn through Performing

The more you perform, the more your vocal qualities will improve.

Create an Open Space

As a performer you'll feel free to express yourself and grow in confidence.

Give advice

The road to success starts with sound advice. We're happy to help with advice and encouragement.

Your Singing Instructor

Rob Kilpatrick is a Grade 7, Classically Trained musician with vast experience – he’s a versatile vocalist, a prolific composer, a producer and sound engineer so he’s seen and done it all whether you’re a budding songbird or virtuoso vocalist.

He’s also the much-loved life and soul of the Sing Factory birthday parties with tons of experience with groups and individuals. 

Most importantly, his aim is to help students to achieve their best, to get whatever they want out of their singing lessons at their own ease. With Rob, there’s no pressure, just motivation, constructive advice, enjoyment and realisation of individual goals, great or small.

Book Your Lessons

The more lessons you book, the less you pay. Singing lessons are arranged by appointment and we always try to accommodate your availability. We can offer further discounts for group lessons. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


1 x Lesson

Sing Factory

Singing Lessons x1

€140 €120 (Save 10%)

4 x Lessons

Sing Factory

Singing Lessons x4

€280 €240 (Save 20%)

8 x Lessons

Sing Factory

Singing Lessons x8