The Superstar Recording Experience

Experience what it’s like to finally stretch those vocal chords in a professional environment.
Feel the thrill of recording your own song in a real life recording studio.

Take Your Singing to the Next Level

Step into an extremely cool sound-proofed recording booth, slip on headphones, and give the thumbs up to your own professional engineer for your recording session.

Then feel the buzz as you work together to get everything sounding just right just for you – test the mic, check those levels – and away you go!

What Can I Sing?

Maybe you’d like to record a power ballad, or your very special take on your own favourite song?
What about finally taking something you’ve written yourself and getting it down? And it’s not just for solo artists – maybe you’re one half of a tuneful twosome with a killer duet, or you’re in a band of brothers or sisters?

I’m a Bit Shy – Who’s Going to Hear Me?

Whoever you want. When your demo is recorded using The Sing Factory’s magic touch, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it next. Send it to Simon Cowell, or give it to your Granny for a special gift. Set it as your ringtone or keep it to yourself – it’s all yours to do with as you please.

I’m Not Sure I’ll Get It Right In One Go

We’ll let you in on a secret – no one does! That’s the beauty of recording in a professional setting. Our engineer will work with you on multiple takes and then select the best one for your final mix. And what’s more, there’s even the optional extra of making a video of yourself while you sing – sound and vision!

Record a Song

Solo Superstar Recording

Record with Friends

Group Recording Experience