So You’re Planning a Party

Food, drinks, cake, decorations, pinata, gazebo, ice bucket, bus …

Wait, what was that last one?
Yup, you heard right - bus. More specifically, the best alternative party idea around - your very own Party Bus for hire.
Make way for the Tinpod Mobile Recording Studio ...

Catch That Bus

The Tinpod Mobile Recording Studio is a one of a kind, state of the art mobile recording studio which comes complete with expert sound engineer and it’s available to rent for your party, rendering it the most enjoyable, unforgettable and savage shindig of the year!

Step on board the fully kitted party bus and check out our funky seating area where you’ll wait to take your turn in the place where the real magic happens – the recording booth.

Sing Your Heart Out

Fully soundproofed, and cooler than Cardi B’s ice pop, once you shut yourself in the booth and slip on your cans (that’s headphones to me and you) your inner pop star will be straight out to play as you let loose to sing your favourite song in your own inimitable style.

It’s your chance to live the dream and see how it’s really done as you rock or rap your way to personal legendary status. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be a solo artist if you don’t want – up to three singers at a time can get vocal on the stage.

Your No. 1 Hit Record

You’ll also be able to choose your own personal audience as up to seven friends can watch your recording session live on screens from the bus, where they’ll also be able to watch the sound engineer at work – it can’t get any cooler than this, in Ireland’s greatest party on wheels!

Party On Our Bus

Simply flex those manicures and get booking online or by phone.

Kids on The Bus

The Mobile Recording Studio is ideal for kids parties – imagine the thrill that your diminutive Drake or dinky Dua Lipa will get when all their friends step on board to live out their pop star dreams.

Grown Ups On The Bus

You’re never too old to live out your rock star fantasies – how about celebrating a milestone – a 30th birthday, 40th birthday – why not even a 90th birthday party – on board? Whether you want to croon the classics or rock out with the rebels of your youth the Mobile Recording Studio will guarantee Ireland’s greatest singalong.

Brides and Grooms On The Bus

Have the most happening Hen Party around when your bridal posse take to the mic, or your stags want something different from the usual lamp-post/ball and chain based … ahem … fun.

And why not take it all the way and make your Wedding Party unforgettable with the Mobile Recording Studio as your guest of honour, providing Karaoke style craic for your guests, young and old?