That’s Entertainment!

Your little one’s first Holy Communion is an important milestone event that you’ll want to make as special as possible for the whole family.

You’ve come to the right place

If you’re planning a Communion party, then you’ll be looking for something fun, something novel, something unusual – that’s going to make Communion Day unforgettable. Bouncy Castle? So last year. Fancy Restaurant? When you’re eight years old there’s only one word for that – Bo-Ring!

Challenging, isn’t it? But never fear! The Sing Factory is here!
You’ll be the envy of communion class with the greatest Communion Party Entertainment there is – your very own mobile recording studio right outside the door, giving your communicant, their classmates, their cousins and whoever else you’ve invited the chance to experience the thrill of recording a song in a professional studio environment.

Superstar Communion Party

We’ve got the ultimate Communion Party idea for you. Ideal for boys and girls, The Sing Factory Vocal Coach will make Communion Day a day to remember forever.

Pick Your Songs

Let us know in advance what songs you want to sing and we’ll have them ready and waiting, with the words on screen for our superstar groups to record.

Record In the Vocal Booth

You’ll get your own studio engineer to help give it all you’ve got and make it sound immaculate. Record in groups of 3 or 4 or sing a solo – it’s up to you.

Big Screen Playback

Our team of sound engineers will polish and perfect the finished pop performance and send you a copy of the day’s recordings to share with friends and family. You can even add video to the mix if you wish!

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