Popstar Recording Parties - Here's what you get

  • A two-hour superstar recording party - ideal for all ages in the perfect birthday party venue, exclusive to your party!
  • Experience the thrill of recording your favourite pop song in a real life recording studio.
  • Record in the booth or watch your friends from our luxurious control room
  • We provide the sweets, drinks and snacks to keep the party movin'
  • Post record, we'll put it all together - then send you on your perfect pop performance

Birthday Party Cost

​€20 per head // Minimum price of €150 // Max 30 people (no minimum)

Popstar Recording Studio

We built our studios with one goal in mind - that all important WOW factor. As soon as you walk into our super funky control room, you’ll feel like you’re about to experience something special. After you’ve met our engineers and run through a group rehearsal, it’s time to get in front of the microphone and do your thing.

Popstar Experience

It turns out you don’t need to sell 5 million albums or marry Jay Z to become a pop sensation. At Sing Factory all our birthday party guests will get that unique superstar feeling. They’ll get to perform their favourite tracks, bust some fancy dance moves or freestyle to their heart's content. And, of course - no birthday party would be complete without sweets, snacks, drinks and pizza - for when energy levels are getting dangerously low!

Kids' Popstar Party

The Superstar Pop Party is ideal for girls and boys of all ages. A Sing Factory Birthday party is suitable for all ages. However, if your group contains small children who you think could be unable to read lyrics, please choose a song you feel is age appropriate and that they will be comfortable singing.
Or we can come to you
The Vocal Coach
Don't want to travel into town? We can bring the famous Sing Factory Vocal Coach right to your door so you can enjoy the Superstar Recording Experience at home. Find Out More
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