S-Factor at The Sing Factory

It's The Ultimate Team Building Recording Challenge

Working together, your teams will write, rehearse and record their own take on a popular song. Get ready for an immersive, engaging and fun Superstar Recording Experience from the people who make music their business. Discover your S Factor in our plush City Centre Studios or we can come to you in our amazing Mobile Recording Studio, The Vocal Coach.

The Studio
The Vocal Coach

Here's How It Works

Welcome to the S Factor

Today, you’ll undergo a series of tasks and challenges culminating in an epic musical performance. You’ll start by picking one of our suggested tracks from various genres. You can rock n roll, keep it smooth and slow or lay down a rinsing rap.

Prep Your team

Now that you’ve picked your song, it’s time to pick your team roles. It’s not just about the musical skills. To be the full package and successful in this challenge, your team will also need a manager, stylist, choreographer, publicist and lyricist.

Name Your Band
A Great Band Name is only Half The Battle

Before your start penning your future anthem, you’ll need to pick a catchy radio friendly moniker. Once you’ve got the name, it’s time to drop some lyrics. You’ll be working with an existing track and adding your own unique lines.

Pick Your Instruments
Bongos, kazoos, cowbell, tambourine.

It’s time to freestyle with some percussion. This is a chance to add your own unique stylings to make your track truly off the hook.

Bust Some Moves
Moonwalk, Body Pop, Pimp Roll, Somersault, The Splits...

The choice is yours when it comes to moves but you will definitely need to dance like it’s going out of fashion. Judges will be keenly analysing timing, technique and originality.

Sell Yourself
Wanna appeal to the S Factor judges?

If you haven’t already got an interesting backstory you’ll need to invent one and the sadder the better. Or, if you want to interest the music press, you could fabricate some lurid rock n roll anecdotes.

Studio Recording
It’s time for your 15 minutes of fame.

You’ll work with our studio engineer in a real pro studio to lay down your musical opus. Marks will be awarded for lyrics, performance, air-guitaring, pyrotechnics or anything else that makes us laugh.

Playback and Judging
Which team will take away the coveted S Factor Golden Mic?

We’ll playback each group's magical musical moment and let their peers decide who is the ultimate S Factor victor.

What You Need To Know

- We can accommodate numbers from 10 to 200

- The S Factor is created in modular form so we can scale it to suit whatever time you have

- Each of your teams will get a HD video of their performance to keep as a musical memento

- You Can Come to us in our City Centre Studio

- Or we can come to your Office, Event or Venue in our amazing Mobile Recording Studio

- * 40 % offer ends October 5th

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