Corporate Parties

There might be no ‘i’ in ‘team’, but it's it a lot more fun if there’s the odd ‘aaah-ooh’, ‘doo-be-doo-be, ‘shang a lang a ding dong’ - you get the idea.

Team Building

Having a happy and friendly workplace is all round good – it increases productivity, makes for a nicer place to spend our days or nights and is extremely important for our mental health. So every now and again it’s a great idea to kick our heels off, loosen our ties and spend a little quality time having the craic with our workmates. 

At Sing Factory, we’ve got the perfect place to down tools and pick up the beat with our Corporate parties where you can team build your heart out and feel like a pop star at the same time.

Can We Work It?

Why certainly!

When you arrive for your Sing Factory team party, our workforce will welcome yours to the ultra cool studios of The Sing Factory on Merrion Street in Dublin. You’ll be shown to the control room – a busy, working recording studio that, just like you, works its socks off during the day but parties hard during downtime. Once there, you can relax and disconnect from the real world while you and your workmates become superstars for a couple of hours. 

How Does It Work?

Pick A Song

All you have to do is pick a song – any song. It can be a current chart favourite or a golden oldie classic – to record with the help and advice and technical wizardry of your very own sound engineer.


Record In Our Studio

You’ll get your own studio engineer to help give it all you’ve got and make it sound immaculate. Record in groups of 3 or 4 or sing a solo – it’s up to you.

Big Screen Playback

And when you’re not singing, you can take a breather and watch another of your teams’ bands live on the studio big screen.

Come To Us

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We’ll Come To You

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