All Work and No Play? No Way!

On average, we spend 90,000 hours in our lifetime working - so shouldn’t at least some of it be fun? Colleagues, clients, customers, the chief, the cleaner - why not ... Work It, with a Sing Factory Superstar Recording Experience!

The Ultimate Team Building Recording Challenge

Who Will Be The Last Band Standing ?

How Does It Work ?

Working together, your teams will write, rehearse and record their own take on a popular song. Get ready for an immersive, engaging and fun Superstar Recording Experience from the people who make music their business.

Simply the Best

Guided by our expert engineers, the Sing Factory S-Factor experience is a corporate party idea like no other.
You can come to us at our cool city centre recording studio or we can come to you in our state-of-the-art mobile recording studio, The Vocal Coach.

A Musical Team Challenge

This challenge is about a lot more than just singing. As well as undertaking a group recording, each team will need to master the art of choreography, music quizzes and even air guitar. Afterwards, you’ll get video copies of your musical opus to keep for posterity.

Who We’ve Worked With

Types of Corporate Events

Team Building

All work and no play makes the 9 to 5 a grind, so why not get the team together and break into song?

Team Rewards

Show your team you really mean it with a once in a lifetime pop star experience, where everyone in the band gets to bond.

Corporate Party

From 10 to 200 people, Sing Factory Corporate Party Entertainment will get the gang n’sync on a rock & roll rollercoaster.

Christmas Party

Plan your Christmas Party with a musical challenge twist (and shout)!

Summer Party

How about an Endless Summer Night with a Sing Factory Summer party, ideal when everyone just wants to let their hair down after a hot day at the coal face.

Halloween Party

Why not host a Halloween Event – see how spooky Sandra from Sales really is when she grabs the mic!

Come To Us

Dublin City Recording Studio

We’ll Come To You

Mobile Recording Studio