Good question. Sing Factory is the home of the Superstar Recording Experience. We’re here to give anyone the chance to record their favourite song in our swanky custom built recording studio. We give people a real Superstar Recording Experience and the opportunity to capture their singing voice at it’s best.

You betcha. We have all the top end gear that all the pros use. We’re a high end facility with Pro Tools recording, top notch microphones, pre amps, processors and monitoring. If all that sounds like geeky nonsense, let’s put it another way. We have everything we need to make you sound awesome.

Do bears poop in the woods. No, of course not. We work with people in all styles and of all ages and abilities. We’ve recorded with lots of professional singers, but we’ve also worked with lots of first timers, hobbyists and newbies, with singers as young as 5 and as old as 50. As long as you like singing, you’re welcome. If you don’t like singing, maybe we can change your mind.

Easier said than done. Ask Louis Walsh if you don’t believe us ! People record with The Sing Factory for lots of different reasons. Some do it for the craic and the love of singing, others because they’d like to kick start their career in the music business. If that’s your goal, hopefully we can help you along the way. We’ll do our best to make sure you’re voice is presented in it’s best light. You can get cd and video copies which you can use to showcase your talents. Here’s one thing we can guarantee. Record with us at Sing Factory and we’ll definitely make you feel like a star.

Of course. No superstar recording experience would be complete without your own sound engineer who can guide you through the process. Your recording engineer will look after all the fiddly technical bits while you concentrate on what you do best. Singing your favourite song. At Sing Factory, we use highly professional, trained and qualified engineers so you know you’re in good hands.

That there is. The Superstar Recording Birthday Parties have proven to be a big hit at Sing Factory and an exciting alternative to usual run of the mill parties. With us, the birthday boy/girl gets to record their favourite track with all of their buddies then see and hear the results in studio as they enjoy some pizza. It’s a birthday experience like no other. Contact us for more info.

Done and done. Whether you’re a company looking to build the team or a Hen Party who want to let off some steam, we can help. Everybody benefits from being a superstar for a day. We can even arrange a venue for the after party if you like. Our corporate and hen party packages are custom made to your specific requirements so feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Not far, and by not far we really mean – in - Dublin city centre. Sing Factory is a brisk five minute walk from Grafton Street and Stephens Green and directly across from Government Buidlings. We’re close to bus, DART, Luas and Dublin Bikes stands and there’s ample parking within 50 feet of our door on Merrion Square. Phew, any more questions?

Yes, absolutely, and a bowl made out of an old 12 inch record and some coffee coasters that double up as jigsaws. Really, they need to be seen to be believed…