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Making Music at Home

We’ve got Joe Wicks keeping us fit, David Walliams reading us comforting stories, virtual tours of everywhere from The Great Wall of China to the surface of Mars at the tips of our well-washed fingers – what a time to be stuck indoors! 

There’s no excuse for being bored as we all do our bit and stay at home to weather out these strange days indeed, but just incase you are, here are some tips to maintain your musical sanity that we’ve been trying out at Sing Factory while we wait for all our Party People to Get Back On It.

1. Video Rabbit Hole

This is one we’ve been enjoying with the kids. Pick a video starting point and take the kids on a musical journey through time by letting one video lead to another. Get yourself from Bat Dance to Riverdance via the theme tune to CHiPs; Or let the kids take the lead – you’ll be amazed what you’ll learn. ‘Into the Unknown’ from Frozen 2 by Panic At The Disco anyone?

2. Couch Concert

Tons of artists, including Christine and Queens, Picture This, and Niall Horan, are performing live on Instagram as part of the “Together, At Home: WHO Global Citizen Solidarity Sessions.

Give your surroundings a festival feel – kit yourself out in shorts and wellies, make hot dogs and burgers for dinner, wave a massive flag if you like and and the best thing of all? No portaloo queues – in fact, no portaloos!

Check out these recently released live music gems – Radiohead’s 2017 headlining set at the Netherlands’ Best Kept Secret Festival is now streaming in full. (And get well soon to Ed O’Brien). 

Heavy Metal fan? Check out Metallica Mondays where the band are broadcasting a full live set from their past.

Plus tons of artists including Christine and Queens, Picture This and Niall Horan are performing live on Instagram as part of the “Together, At Home: WHO Global Citizen Solidarity Sessions”.

3. Relax With a Good Book

Use the time to get stuck into a musical memoir -pick someone you want to learn about – Johnny Cash, Boy George, Jay Z, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Slash, Mel B, Joe Dolan, Eartha Kitt – literally anyone.

4. Online Music Lessons

Now’s the perfect time to whip out that dusty instrument and get yourself online with lessons. 

You can even learn with the stars – get out your Casio keyboard and check out a Klass with Myleene (see what we did there), who has launched free piano lessons for kids (although who says the grown ups can’t tinkle their own ivories too!).

5. Online Party

Houseparty is THE key app to keep up with your hectic social life and get all the gang together. Why not give the shindig a musical theme – and get your friends to DJ while you all hang out online. Discuss your favourite albums, do a little dance, eat a little lunch – get down tonight.