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Appreciation for the "I Do" Crew

You’ve got the actual fam – sisters, cousins, nieces, mums, grannies; some of the college crew, the posse from primary school, the women from work, and, of course, your BFF’s without whom none of this would be possible.

Your hen party is a milestone, one of those unique life events where you’ve got the ladies you love the most, from all aspects of life both past and present represented.

So it makes sense that you’d want to show your appreciation for them all for being there – hence, it’s a great idea to have a little gift for your I Do Crew in the form of a fun Hen Party Gift Bag.

It’s a great idea to have a little gift for your I Do Crew in the form of a fun Hen Party Gift Bag


How about something Fun and Frivolous to get in the party mood. Name badges are a great idea, especially if your hens are friends and from different aspects of your life. Why not personalise them with a fun factoid about the wearer as a conversation ice-breaker?

Then go nuts with those fun accessories – Sashes, Bubbles, Glow Sticks and Cocktail stirrers. Make them naughty or nice – go for girlie, with flower crowns and facepaint; make them magical with wands and glitter or embrace your saucy side with traditional willy straws, cockolate, stressticles or take-home treats like love dice. Alternatively, maybe a Pamper Pack is more to your taste.

If you’ve got budget to burn, then personalised gifts like flip flops and robes will really spoil the gang. You don’t have to break the bank, however, to create a to-die-for goodie bag filled with fantastic fripperies like nail varnishes, lip balms or perfume samples which are all available for a song.

Hen Party Survival Kit

How about channeling your inner Girl Guide with our personal favourite – the Hardcore Hen Party Survival Kit. This carefully thought-out kitbag has everything your party pack will need to make the night before, and the day after, as smooth and painless as possible.

We all know that simple blister can blot an entire evening – so plasters are a must. Ditto a small pack of wipes or tissues to deal with mascara malfunctions or sudden spills. And for the long road home, a pair of flip flops can be the difference between best night ever and worst night of your life. Include a list of emergency numbers and apps to save or download at the beginning of the event – e.g. Chief Bridesmaid, your accommodation, taxis, fast food delivery … just incase!

Failing to plan is planning to fail, as they say, and it’s in forward-thinking that the Survival Kit really comes into its own. Top of the list for the morning after the night before is instant refreshment – an energy drink, cola, or keep it old school with some flat 7-up. Same goes for crisps, chocolate and a couple of painkillers. A packet of mints or chewing gum can help with facing the outside world, and if there’s enough in the kitty for a pair of shades for everyone, then that’s the stuff of legend!

Make Your Hen Party Bag Memorable

Whatever route you decide to take, hen party bags are sure to go down a treat.

Make sure they’re compact, light and portable – better still, why not present them to your guests along with with some pre-bash prosecco before undertake your hen activity so they can be safely stashed, with immediate-use items decanted into handbags? Spare a thought for the environment – reusable canvas bags are available online and can be personalised. Watch out for single-use plastics too.

And, as a final idea, including a little keepsake in each one will surely raise a smile with the ladies long after the party’s over. A shotglass or a photo frame can easily be personalised and dated. Or perhaps a token piece of jewellery – a charm for example – will make sure you’ll have a hen party that everyone will remember.