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How The Other Half ‘Hens’

The girlie get-together before getting hitched isn’t just confined to us average Josephines, of course. Meghan Markle reportedly enjoyed a low key trip to Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire. One imagines that, for the rest of us, a farmhouse on a hen weekend involves knocking on the door for directions and help at 2am, but Meghan enjoyed good food and pampering at the private members’ club and enjoyed an old catch up with her mates.

Chrissy Tiegen went for complete relaxation. “No Vegas. We’re just gonna totally relax in Mexico,” she told Cosmopolitan before heading off on a weekend of cooking classes and tequila tasting.

Kathryn Thomas headed to the Greek sunshine, as did TOWIE’s Kate Wright, who had fiance Rio Ferdinand’s face printed on her suitcase, and a really disturbing-looking mankini-wearing cuddly toy.

And, far from the sedate, her fellow TOWIE and Celeb Big Brother star, Billie Faiers revelled in a three day festival of lavish dinners and pool parties in good ol’ Eye-beefa, including one where she was suspended above the pool while riding a giant unicorn.

When It All Goes Horribly Wrong

There’s a fine line between the perfect hen and the Horrible Hen. We’re talking the stuff of nightmares and Reddit posts.

There’s a fine line between the perfect hen and the Horrible Hen, of course. And we’re not just talking broken heels, crying in the toilet and being sick in your handbag. We’re talking the stuff of nightmares and Reddit posts. Stuff like when the mother of the groom gets a little tipsy and decides that driving’s a great idea, rear-ending the chief bridesmaid in the process. The chief bridesmaid who is also a police officer, if you please.

Or the bride who got so absolutely hammered at her hen, that she didn’t wake up until 5pm the following day. Unfortunate but forgivable you think? Nope – the following day was quite an important one.

Her wedding, in fact.

Then there was the bride who got dumped by her groom for allowing their dog to participate in the celebrations which resulted in the seven year old lab mix ending up in doggie A&E out of his doggie bin on chocolate and champagne.

Do Your Hair Toss, Check Your Nails Ladies

So it’s fair to say that, as we approach the Roaring Twenty Twenties, a hen celebration has, just like us ladies, come right out of the kitchen and into the realm of Anything Goes. Where you and your mates can do whatever you like, wherever you like and with whom you like. And while your style might not be to everyone’s taste, those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter – seize the day and have all the fun in the world. After all, your hen party is a proper significant life event, adored by some, dreaded by others – regretted by many, truth be told, but remembered by all.

So go for it!